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The Storymamas have enjoyed sharing so many books with our readers and we wanted to start a new once-a-month tradition of sharing with you connections we make between books. As readers we know you do this too before, during and after reading a book; you think of another book you’ve read that reminds you of that book or an experience you’ve had. When you’re helping a child pick out the next book they will devour, maybe you will find this helpful to have some direction and ideas. So take a look at our latest book connections:

Bee & Bird by Craig Frazier and Zoom by Istvan Banyai are wordless picture books that take you on a journey through close up illustrations. As you turn the pages the illustrations pan out to be something new to discover. We’ve had a great time playing the guessing game with the bright and cheery illustrations in both books. These two are also wonderful to ask inferring questions using the clues in the picture.

The Bad Guys series by Aaron Blabey is about Mr. Wolf who recruits other ‘bad guys’ like a Mr. Shark, Mr. Snake and Mr. Piranha to finally change and be good guys and help others. In the first book the plan is to make their very first ‘good guy’ impression by breaking out two hundred dogs from the Maximum Security Dog Pound. Carnivores by Aaron Reynolds, illustrations by Dan Santat is a hilarious picture book about some more ‘bad guys’, carnivores who just want to be seen in the world as loving and friendly animals. They try and change their ways of tearing through other animals as meals and become vegetarians. Both books have characters that try and battle between the good ol’ good vs. evil debate. Will these seemingly terrifying animals change and be seen as the heroes they so desperately want to be? A great connection between picture book and chapter book, kids will love these hilarious stories!

A triple connection between three books, Todd’s TV by James Proimos, Tek: The Modern Cave Boy by Patrick McDonnell and Doug Unplugged by Dan Yaccarino, are all about technology. A TV, a cave boy and a robot who are always plugged in remind us that sometimes we need to turn off the technology and experience the world. These three funny books give us some direction when our own children are too plugged in and need a break (and even us as adults too).

Breakfast food…who doesn’t love silly stories about breakfast food?! Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast by Josh Funk, illustrated by Brendan Kearney and Everyone Loves Bacon by Kelly DiPucchio are hilarious stories about some very boastful breakfast foods: bacon, Sir French Toast and Lady Pancake. Will these breakfast foods realize that they aren’t all that and friendship and kindness are more important than being the best?

Meet The Bobs and Tweets series by Pepper Springfield, illustrated by Kristy Caldwell and Gaston by Kelly DiPuccio, illustrated by Christian Robinson both have characters who are different from their families. Both books explore the relationships the characters have with the families they’ve been born into but each of the characters, even in their differences, are able to find a connection to a character in the family that is completely opposite then them, showing how even if you feel so very different from others you can always find your connection and your place somewhere in the world.

What connections can you make to books you’ve read recently? Feel free to comment below or post to our Twitter or Instagram to add to our list!

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