Who We Are

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Kimberly M:
Mom of two boys.  One energetic two and a half year old who loves to build and take time out to relax on the couch and read a book together. And another two month old boy who loves to listen to the books his big brother picks to read. Kimberly has also been an elementary school teacher for over 15 years. She has taught in New York, Chicago, and most recently in Denver. Her passion for books began as a kid when she received the book orders from her teachers. She didn’t actually call herself a reader until recently when she became a connected educator on twitter and “met” people like Donalyn Miller and The Nerdy Book Club. She now loves to keep up with kid lit for her enjoyment, her son’s, and her students.

Mom of three boys and a book lover. She has enjoyed reading since she was a little girl and remembers when her older brother would read their favorite,
If I Ran The Circus by Dr. Seuss. She also remembers getting the newest Babysitter’s Club book and sitting on the couch reading it cover to cover. Ashley was an elementary school teacher in Chicago for 11 years, took one year off and then went back to work as a Reading Specialist. She is currently getting Montessori certified and practices what she is learning with her two oldest boys. She loves making weekly trips to the library and snuggling up anywhere to read to her three boys. She enjoys reading the latest kidlit books and posting pictures on Instagram of her sons interacting with books. 

Mom, a reader, and a teacher. In that order. Yet when you take a step back and look, all of those pieces politely crash together. Her love of books and learning have played an important role all of her life. With weekly trips to the library as a child, she remembers the worlds unfolding before her. She still has the copies of her very first chapter book series, and although that new book smell isn’t there, the memories remain. With two young children, she still finds a way to carve out a little time each night to read “books for mommy”, a quiet break in her chaos. Her passions have spilled over to her children and students, both toting libraries with books as far as the eye can see.